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While I was writing this material, The American Psychological Association issued a warning  on August 14, 1997, against the "psychological terrorism" of the Ex-Gay "reparative therapy" movement, which the APA said reveals an "intense bias against gay people."

The warning stated that "In the past 10 years, Christian fundamentalists have enlisted a coalition of old-style psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers who have become very visible in this country and internationally, and who have as a mission to 'help' homosexuals get rid of their sexual orientation.  Our aim is not to try to stop them per se or interfere with anyone's right to practice, but we want to expose the social context that creates this market."


New Web Sites of American Psychological Association added December 14, 2000:

The following personal testimony was sent to me Nov. 22, 1998, by a high school friend of mine.  It speaks for itself.


After twenty years of marriage, I left home, at my wife's request, because of my being "mentally homosexual." There had been few homosexual experiences--only a couple of encounters during my younger years. I was 53 years old, very much a believer in the biblical teachings of my Southern Baptist background which included the belief that homosexuality was an abomination unto God. Therefore, having been "kicked out" by a wife who knew my thoughts as a result of reading my journal, I determined to get myself cured of this "leprosy" and located a group under the auspices of Exodus International which met weekly in Tampa at a church annex.

My first encounter with the group promised to be a frightening experience for me. I had never been around gay people and drove to the meeting with fear and trepidation, knowing, however, that what I was doing was "good." To my surprise, the participants at the meeting, both male and female, could have been members of my Sunday School class. I was greeted warmly. As I sat among the predominantly male group, I wondered why they didn't look "different." They looked like me.

During the nearly three years that I participated in this group, I was never asked to have sex by any member of the group nor did I seek anyone sexually. The purpose of the group was to deliver one from homosexuality, and I took that commitment seriously. After all, I had an ex-wife and three children who were counting on me. Week after week I attended, saying nothing, but listening to stories of confession, repentance, recommitment. Finally, I was confronted and asked to tell my story, which I did. From then on, I felt accepted and looked forward each week to rejoining this group of fellow seekers.

One week I met Joey, a young professional dancer, who was dying of AIDS. The group prayed for Joey, and I realized I had had a superior attitude toward AIDS victims as I could not have been infected. The realization that these were not "bad" people turned my negativity and snobbery to sincere caring, and I visited with guys infected with AIDS several times with friends I had met in the group.

I did fall in love. My love affair was with a fellow younger than myself who paid much attention to me and confronted me regarding attitudes that he found were not Christ-like. I found myself drawn to this man but unable and unwilling to call it love. Nevertheless, I learned so much from him and discovered that he was trying to deal not only with his own gayness but with a father who had been murdered by a gay man whom he picked up. The experience left me breathless as I had never truly been in love as I was with this man. It was a totally new experience...and exasperating.

During my involvement with the group, I did everything I was instructed to do in order to change what was in my head--fasting, prayer therapy, confession, crying into my pillow, guilt, seeking to find the cause of my gayness. Most of the group that assembled were totally sincere and dedicated.  Of that assemblage, I know now only two who are celibate and believe that homosexuality is a sin. One who has married a female has confessed to me his continued desires for companionship with males.

My assessment of the Exodus group is both harsh and kind. I think it was dangerous in that it refused to allow anyone to admit he/she is homosexual, which caused negative self-images and continual anguish. The fact is that only when I could utter the word "homosexual" about myself did I began to experience healing. One young fellow in the group, who was married and had children, eventually killed himself. He had tried suicide many times.  No one ws allowed to discuss whether gay could possibly be acceptable.  We were "sick" and had to be cured.  God can do all things; therefore, he could change one's sexual orientation.  When that didn't happen, we were told to work harder, look for the sin in our lives preventing our change, and to pray "without ceasing."  On the positive side, the group allowed me for the first time to meet in a church setting gay people whom I had avoided all my life and to learn that they were not perverts or abominations but people like me, seeking an understanding of themselves.

Frustrated at my inability to control my mind, at some point I addressed God and told Him that I was accepting myself just as He had created me--as a gay man. I was not going to continue fighting His creativity as I had come to believe I was acceptable in His eyes. At that point, I began a new life by accepting myself as a gay man.  That acceptance has brought me great happiness and a new self-image that is positive, despite rejection by my dad and stepmother and my only brother.  Most of the members of the group in which I was involved eventually dropped out and either have been or are involved in gay relationships, most very productively and healthily.

When I advised the group of my decision, I was asked to leave. Although I have written the leader telling him of my gratitude for his efforts on my behalf, I have never had a response.

Thom Cooper   11/22/98  Click here to send e-mail to Thom

Personal Note by Rembert Truluck:
  Thom and I were in high school together and lost touch with each other about 1956.  Neither of us knew that the other was gay.  Thom learned that I was gay and contacted me when I was Pastor of MCC Nashville.  We have corresponded by mail and then by e-mail ever since.  We have not seen each other since high school days. Thom was the main influence on me to get on the Internet and begin to use e-mail. 

Thom's personal struggles with being gay and married with children have helped me to see more clearly the need to address and deal with the spiritual issues faced by homosexuals who are or have been married with children. Thom's experience with "Ex-Gay" distortions of religion and reality are also instructive.  I would appreciate hearing and learning from your story and will protect your identity.  Thom's story is given here with his permission and encouragement.

Update for July 11, 2004


This fall, GLBT people face a storm of homophobic religious/political war that we have never seen before.  We are rapidly approaching "The Storm of the Century" for GLBT people.  Earthquake rumblings guarantee a tsunami of apocalyptic proportions this fall as the presidential election approaches like a tidal wave of destruction and annihilation for the homo race!

Why is this happening?  I don't really know.  All I know is that the President of the United States and many of his supporters are willing to use misinformation and lies about homosexuals and about marriage to advance a political agenda that is desperate for ways to justify an unjust war and to support a political agenda that is based on religious bigotry and ignorance.

Marriage through the centuries and in the Bible has been the legal ownership of a woman by a man as his personal piece of property.  The Old Testament clearly supports multiple wives for powerful men.  Adultery laws in the Old Testament are not about sex.  They are about property rights!  The word "sex" never appears in the Bible!  There is no biblical Hebrew or Greek word for "sex"!  You will not find "sex" in any biblical concordance.  Modern translators and interpreters read sex into the biblical material like we read sex into everything else in our culture!


Never before has the power of the presidency of the United States been used to abuse and ridicule a minority of the American population in the way that the Bush administration is attacking GLBT people and our civil and human rights!  Even at the height of the anti-black prejudice and oppression of the post Civil War days, presidents were reasonable and progressive until the final emancipation of African American people was completed in the Kennedy/Johnson administrations.

Go to "Yahoo!" and enter and click on "gay and lesbian" and see the current news reports about President Bush's Saturday anti-gay radio address supporting an amendment to the U. S. Constitution to make GLBT people below "second class" citizens to a level of rejection and ridicule that is beyond civilized!

See there also the "Senate Debate" about changing the U. S. Constitution to delete GLBT people from the civil and human rights guaranteed by the basic document of the United States of America!  This is the most clearly "anti-gay" political season in history.  Only the Nazi attack on Jews under Adolph Hitler is more immoral and more filled with horror.


Terrorism against GLBT people is being formulated in Presidential, Religious and Political maneuvering and plotting that is beyond anything we have faced before.  Why?  Is it because we have not made clear who we really are and demonstrated that we are no threat at all to traditional marriage or anything else?  Or is it because traditional religion has jumped the track and plowed into the swamp of ignorance, lies and hypocrisy that completely deny the reality of God and the revelation of love in Jesus Christ?

What kind of biblical distortions and misinformation have led to this horrible situation?  You decide.  Use your brain.  Think for yourself.  Wake up to the horror that we are facing!


The Southern Baptist Convention in its recent annual meeting in Indianapolis took its most radical anti-gay stand so far.  The President of the United States was an invited main speaker (by television) at the convention and promoted his anti-gay agenda with great relish and enthusiasm to thunderous applause and multiple "amen's"!  This religious/political anti-gay spectacle is unique in American history!  Why now?

Why have Southern Baptists abandoned their historic position of separation of Church and State that was first declared and put into practice by Baptist Roger Williams in his plan for the Rhode Island Colony and creation of the First Baptist Church of Providence, RI?  Why has the SBC denied its own noble tradition of soul freedom and religious liberty that led to the first amendment to the U.S Constitution that guaranteed separation of Church and State?  Why?  Is it money, ignorance or some kind of combination of both?
(See my section on
Southern Baptists.)

Presbyterians also reversed their motion toward GLBT equality in ministry and decided not to allow openly gay and lesbian clergy or other elected church officials!  This was a radical retreat from progress that has been building towards acceptance of same-sex relationships and leadership in the church.

Why now?  Is the ignorance level of this country rising to such stupendous levels that accurate information has no hearing and no place in public policy or religious institutions?  How stupid can you get?  Well, in current American culture it seems that you can get pretty stupid in public anti-gay anti-truth rhetoric and in political and religious manipulations of public opinion and news media.


The vast "Ex-Gay" Industry is thriving through well financed and strongly pushed efforts by the Southern Baptist Convention along with such religiously defective and psychologically discredited money raisers as "Focus on the Family"(Dollar) and other related rabid hypocrisy based religious empires.  You can trace all of them on the Internet if you want to take the time.  Start with "Focus on the Family" and go from there.

The Roman Catholic Church like the smiling Cheshire cat lurks in the background and smirks over all of this with legalistic medieval theology and nonsense psychology to support all of the worst anti-gay and ultra religious prejudice against sexual minorities that can be generated by warped misinformed religion.  Challenge these lies!  Expose these distortions of the Bible and the Gospel!  Don't ever pretend any of it is true!  Bristle at every religious homophobic remark you hear and challenge it!  Get into a lot of trouble!  Make other people mad as hell at you!  You will be glad you did.

You might even make some people think and reexamine their religious bullshit that they have been taught is holy truth!


We are an easy target.  We are like little bunnies running around in an open field.  We are easy to spot and easy to kill for the enjoyment of bunny killers!  Don't' act like this OK!  It is not OK to be a target for homophobic gay bunny killers!

Is there a resurrection victory for us also?  YES!  We are what we are because God made us this way!  We are not a mistake.  We are GLBT people because God has a plan and a ministry for us to change this world.  So, where is the army of angels and chariots of fire to deliver us and set us free?  Watch what God is about to do!  Something is about to happen that will be a "wake up call" to the human race.


The wrath of God is about to be unleashed upon all who falsely claim to speak for God.  Brace yourself.  Prepare your heart to trust God during the apocalyptic storm to come.

My website and book contain all of the factual information that you need to answer the flood of misinformation and distortions about GLBT people that has been unleashed upon our culture.  Use what is already there for you!  Take the time to study and learn the truth and pass it on to others whenever you can.

You always have my permission to copy and use any of my material that will help somebody else.  Lives depend on it.  Use anything that you think will help!

Rembert Truluck

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This Update added August 1, 2003:


Both the President of the United States and the Vatican are wallowing in medieval mythology.  The Vatican condemns same-sex marriage as "deviant".  The Roman Catholic Church for centuries has taught the "deviant" abusive religious doctrine of celibacy as superior to marriage and has created the mythology of marriage being inferior to celibacy with no biblical basis at all.

The rejection of the flesh as evil and claim that the act of sex is a sin is based historically not on the Bible but on the philosophy of dualism that views the material world in conflict with and alien to the spiritual.  Clement of Alexandria gave the clearest early statement of sex versus spirituality in the early beginnings of Christianity.  Clement was a Buddhist before he became a Christian.

Throughout the world, the Catholic Church has opposed birth control and contributed to population explosions and the suffering and death of millions of people in poverty-driven third world countries where the Church is dominant.  Forbidding divorce, the Church has contributed to domestic violence for centuries and now has demonstrated that the Church cannot control the sexuality of its own "celibate" priesthood.  The contradictions created in the Church by medieval mythology are mind-boggling.  Money is power, and the wealth of the Roman Catholic Church is so great that it can absorb the multiple millions of dollars that child-molesting lawsuits have already cost.  For the Church to attempt to play the imperial role as the source of all sexual morality is hypocritical and absurd.


The President has taken the unprecedented position of favoring the extreme abusive religious teachings of the homophobic fundamentalists as the basis for public policy regarding same-sex marriage in the United States.  Medieval mythology is not the basis for any other facet of our culture except for the attitudes and teachings of misinformed legalistic abusive religion!  Medicine, law, business, education, science, technology, industry, government, the arts and entertainment continue to evolve and develop as human experience and knowledge expand and grow.

Medieval mythology has no legitimate place in the modern world.  The scientific revolution and the rapid march of knowledge and discovery into a brand new world make the religious/political use of medieval mythology ludicrous and dangerous.


The Church and the President follow the power of money.  As long as the churches and misinformed legalistic abusive religion control vast segments of public thinking, the financial factor will continue to offset and contradict reason and justice.  Politics is controlled and directed by money.  The reason that the President has enough power to function as an "imperial president" and decide personal issues for all individuals is because of the incredible amount of money that has put him into the White House, controls him and keeps him there.

The Gospel of Jesus is basically the good news of the power of truth over money, love over political control, and the facts over deceit and faith over works.

The story of Jesus is "good news" only when it is accurately and honestly based on the life and teachings of the real Jesus and not on medieval mythologies and the historical financial necessities of the imperial church and it's imitators.  Religion based mythologies are very difficult to overcome and to refute.  They are formatted into codes of law, just as the President suggested that the rejection of same-sex marriage should be!

Once religious teachings become "law", no matter how absurd and unfounded they might be, breaking the "law" becomes a religious crime and is automatically branded as "sin" or worse.   Children are taught the religious "laws" from a very early age and are convinced that they are valid through threats, punishment and rejection from their parents and other parent figures.


The US Supreme Court set a lot of this into an accelerating spiral of reactions and debates with their recent decision that state anti-gay "sodomy" laws are unconstitutional.  All discrimination against GLBT people because of their gender orientation is now declared unconstitutional.  This means that denying marriage to same-sex partners, the military policy of "don't ask don't tell", denying same-sex partners medical and retirement benefits, housing discrimination, job discrimination, education discrimination and every other form of discrimination against GLBT people is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

The reaction of many homophobic religious abusers is: "So, let's change the Constitution!"  Satan never sleeps.  Dedicated religious ignorance never gives up.  The battle is far from over.


The abusive misinformed use of the Bible and religious traditions to convince the public and many GLBT people that same-sex relationships are nasty, evil, disgusting, unnatural, an abomination to God, a crime against nature, etc., etc., is so pervasive that even getting a grip on the massive amount of abuse that has been generated is very difficult.  Answering all of it is impossible.

How have you responded so far to the accelerated flood of misinformation and political/religious deceit that are being thrown at all GLBT people now?  How do you feel about yourself as you read and follow the television coverage of charges and debates related to who you are?  Where do you get your own basic information about yourself?  From within yourself or from outside sources?

Far too many people try to decide who you are and lay their opinions on you as though you had no brain or ability to be logical and objective for yourself.  As GLBT people, we have the same right as everybody else to think for ourselves and to discover our own realities and values within, for God has created us in God's image also and has given the Spirit of Jesus to each of us as an inner voice of self-acceptance and affirmation.


The first piece of spiritual body armor mentioned in Ephesians 5:10-20 as necessary in your personal victory over abusive misinformed religion is "Having girded your loins about with truth." (5:14). This quote is from the Isaiah 11:5 description of God.  Note that all of the pieces of spiritual armor in Ephesians 5 are based on Old Testament descriptions of God.  The "armor of God" really is God's own armor that is given to us as we follow Jesus and confront and overcome the negative forces against us that try to discredit and destroy us.

There is no substitute for truth.  Lies, distortions, half-truths (which are half-lies!), hypocrisies, and misinformation are mortal enemies of the truth that is found in the real Jesus.  Jesus said "I am the truth" and "I came to bear witness to the truth."  Jesus proclaimed that "you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."  Take the time to trace the use of "truth" in the Gospel of John.  When the Spirit of Jesus is guiding you, you are being guided "into all truth."

Politics and Religion that are based on misinformation and ignorance cannot ever really liberate anybody!

You have won half of the battle when you reject the distorted views of yourself that your homophobic misinformed abusive religious culture has dumped on you and proceed to discover your own truth for yourself.  God made you just like you are and God will help you to learn and live your own truth with confidence and self-esteem.

The best source that I know for accurate factual information about GLBT issues is still to be found in my web site.  Take a fresh look at the material there on The Bible and Homosexuality and on the Ex-Gay Fraud.  Having my web site and my book is valuable only if you are taking the time to read and study the material and share in dialogue with others.


Connect yourself with other people who are dealing with the same issues and challenges that you face.  Make your own decisions about yourself, and by doing this you can learn a lot from others who are doing the same and you can be of help to them also just by sharing yourself in dialogue and study.

A great deal of the use of my web site and book material is by individuals alone and by small groups and one-to-one conversations and e-mails.  I have been concerned lately to find ways to make my material available to more people.  As I read over the material in my book, I don't really want to change any of it.  I do want to get a second book of 52 lessons on Jesus completed as a sequel to Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse.

I am very excited by what Kim Hwang is doing in Chinese and by others who have told me of similar small group home study in many parts of the world.


My friend Kim Hwang in Taipei, Taiwan, has sent to me the first 12 lessons in my book and "My Story" in Chinese.  She is printing these materials and making them available to her home study group that is using them every week.  As soon as I am able to get set up to print the Chinese characters in my web site, I plan to add this new Chinese translation of my first three steps to a special new page on my web site.

Kim sent me printed pages and also a CD disk.  The printed material covers 56 full size pages and is in easy to read clear large Chinese characters.  Kim plans to translate the entire book!  She leads a study of my book every Friday night.  They are currently studying Lesson 5.

The material is in "Traditional Chinese".  Kim also has an online Internet study group using the material.  See her Internet web link below.  Kim's ministry in Taiwan of translating and using my book in a Chinese GLBT support group is a great encouragement to me.


Last weekend, I enjoyed a wonderful visit with my 91-year-old mother at Martha Franks Retirement Center in Laurens, SC.  Mother is now totally blind and hears very little.  I am amazed at her strength and cheerful lifestyle.  She told me how glad she was that she came to Martha Franks when she could still see and get to know the people and they could get to know her.

Now she continues to greet and encourage new residents and to take part in all of the activities that she is able to attend.  She still lives in her own room and walks unaided to the dining hall for her meals.  She gets practical help as she needs it from the staff and other residents.  All of her life, Mother has helped other people, and now other people are helping her.  That's the way it works, isn't it!

Mother will be 92 years old on August 11, 2003.

You can send her a birthday card to: Mary Truluck, One Martha Franks Drive, Laurens, S. C. 29360.

Rembert Truluck

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