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How Many Homosexuals ???

Some claim gays only make up 1% of the population, which would be about 2.7 million citizens. Considering 500,000 attended the gay pride day in New York City (police estimate gays claimed 700,000), this would mean 1 in every 5 gays living in the United States attended...phpluding 3 year olds and 90 year olds. Obviously that is absurd, only a very small percentage of the total gay population would be active enough to go to New York for the event!

The government study which showed 1.534% was not confidential but verbal in person interviews. With all the anti gay feelings in the U.S. what makes you think someone would admit to a government worker, in person, they were gay. What is amazing is that they did get 1% admittance. What makes the study even more ridiculous is it was conducted in two towns, both in states with anti-sodomy laws and consisted of only 3,371 people, all men!

The Kinsey 10% study is also flawed but probably closer to the correct figure. Its problem is one of his many research assistants was gay and may have gone into heavily gay populated areas. However, Kinsey's study was conducted in all 50 states and with many more people. Since no other serious studies have been done, perhaps a 7% figure is most likely.

Regardless the number 2.7 million or 20 million, does that mean we have the right to pass laws against all these Americans and deny them equal rights in housing, the military, employment etc?

There are only 3 million Jews living in the U.S. This is only about 2% of the population. Should we enact anti-Jewish laws because there aren't that many Jews in America?

Update on Homosexual Studies based on 1994 survey

Source: Associated Press 9/10/94 "Same-sex attraction called high - up to 20% in US 'incidentally' gay"

The problem with prior surveys is they asked people if they considered themselves homosexual. Of course the percentages were very low, since few people in our homophobic society would admit to it -especially to a stranger.

A study by Randall Sell, James Wells and David Wypij at Harvard School of Public Health, found that 6.2% to 20.8% of American men and 3.3% to 17.8% of women could be considered "incidentally homosexual". The higher percentages are based on admitted homosexual behavior or attraction since age 15. The lower percentages are admissions of actual same sex behavior in the last 5 years. Again the true % of actual same sex behavior is probably much higher, but the admission rate is greater than past studies.

The study also concludes that sexual orientation is often in a range rather than either at the extremes. In other words, many people are bisexual depending on the situation.

The best guess of actual homosexuality in the U.S. population is probably 10%, again since it is likely in all these studies many will not admit their homosexual activities in our society that falsely teaches there is something wrong with homosexuality, which is simply a natural sexual orientation God gave many people..

Regardless of whether the number is 2% or 20%, the issue is to end discrimination and the false religious teachings that there is anything wrong with someone simply because they have a natural homosexual or bisexual gender orientation.

Remember Jews are only 2% of the U.S. population, far less than the homosexual population. Yet no one is running around tying to make laws to discriminate against Jews. Homosexuals should likewise not be discriminated against, simply because God created them with a sexual orientation that is offensive to perhaps 80% of the population.

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