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More Examples Of Gay Christian Posts From Prodigy

"I'm transported back 20 years to the time when I went to a religious college out of fear that I was gay. I spent years giving my life to god so that I could learn to be normal, non-gay. I feared being gay. I knew I would be miserable and I knew god would help me change. I prayed for deliverance. I graduated from that University and entered the secular world miserable. I was still in conflict. When I finally acknowledged who I was and what I was, a weight was lifted from me as only God can do. I have been gay since I can remember and after all the struggle and prayer the only thing I can conclude is that God lifted that weight from my shoulders and said now you finally know who you are, go live your life. I wish I had known someone like you 20 years ago. We all experience a different awakening when we finally find out who we really are."

Sage Aphake "God Makes Gays"

I am a gay christian. I spent the first twenty two years praying for Christ to change me into a heterosexual. I spent my early years in deep prayer on a daily basis begging Christ to make me Heterosexual. I was miserable and ended up attempting suicide at 17 yrs old. I spent 5 years in therapy, all the time praying. Then Christ came to me. He showed me that he loves me as I am. This is the way GOD made me and it is okay with our lord. I live by Christ daily, and have a wonderful life and long term partner in a monogamous relationship. Jesus said to me that I was made homosexual for God's own purposes and not to question. He said my strength would grow in the face of oppression and a society that would condemn me. He said I would receive this extra strength by using love he has shown me as I live my life as Christ, in example to others. You are sadly wrong if you appoint yourself spokesperson for God. I did not choose to be who I am but was created by God. If you gay bashers would spend one one hundredth of the time praying that you spend on teaching others to hate Gays and that Gays are perverts with no feelings and are some how less than you and not worthy of the civil rights of America, the country would be so much closer to God.

Thomas Prokop in response to a condemning fundamentalist

"I have read God's word with a very open heart. I have read and prayed and then read some more. The Holy Spirit has helped me to accept my homosexuality. There was a time when my beliefs on homosexuality were similar to yours. Kirk, I can not tell you how many nights I cried myself to sleep begging God to change me, to make me "normal". I did everything I could to change. I dated women, I stayed away from other gay people, nothing worked. Don't you get it? I didn't want to be a gay. I very desperately wanted to not be gay. Unfortunately, heterosexuality is not something God chose for me. During the two years that I tried to change my sexual orientation, God lead me to some other gay Christians, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, God taught me that this is the orientation that He chose for me! Since accepting my sexual orientation, you would not believe the blessings that God has bestowed upon me! I praise God every day for the life He has given me, and for all the joy He has given me. Now, I don't consider my homosexuality a liability, I know my homosexuality is a gift from God!"

Jeremy Johnson in response to the questions "How could you be a Christian and gay?"

For a long time, I didn't think it was possible to reconcile my being gay with being a Christian. After, all, my church preached that homosexuality was an abomination, and that people who were gay were the vermin of the earth. During my deepest depression I felt only hate for myself and the deep-seated nature of my being-- all this without ever having had a physical relationship with another man! I lived everyday beneath a dark cloud of despair. Whenever the least measure of desire inhabited my thought processes, I would instantly pummel it away. Sometimes I would literally stab myself with a sharp object when these "impure" thoughts occurred. Then, one day I was at a crossroads. I realized I could go no longer handing this suffering. Before me was three choices: 1) I could kill myself and rid myself of being an "abomination." 2) I could go "crazy" and commit myself to an institution, 3) I could finally accept myself the way I was and accept that God made me that way. And whatever God makes is good! Since those dark and extremely lonely days, I have been blessed to find others who have been through the same terrible experience. We know today that many things the Bible says have been misinterpreted over the centuries to enslave and to disempower. Fortunately, Christ opened my eyes before it was too late for me. Christ's message is one of love. This being Good Friday, we as Christians are deep in contemplation of the passion, agony and suffering of Christ, who, I believe died for all our sins. Could there be any greater sin, than disavowing Christ's command to love thy God with all thy might, and to love thy neighbor as thy self? I believe and follow Christ and I am also gay. That's how I am a Christian and gay at the same time. Peace. Jeremy from NJ

Dana Wilson to bible misquoting zealot:

Dana Wilson who asked a bible misquoting zealot if he had any idea what agape love really meant saying: Do you know what that means (agape)? I have spent my life feeling condemned by people who attack, condemn, and try to biblically pummel anyone who doesn't agree with their view. If you would spend your time sharing real agape love, the world you exist in would be a better place.

I can tell I wouldn't be able to approach you about me. You would spout off your so called understanding of the Bible, tell me to pray, have faith, stop sinning, be celibate, go to a straight doctor, and go to a retreat for learning how to be straight, or have demons cast out of me.

Well, I've tried all those things in my life and you know what? I'm still gay, I have been my whole life. Yet I am a born again Christian saved by the Blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am in a full time ministry, and I have lead dozens of people to Jesus every year. I share with them the real agape love of Jesus, see them accept Him into their lives. Then I get them into God's wonderful Word, and I let the Holy Spirit do His job.

Back off, stop trying to play God. There are many homosexual Christians, get used to it, if not, you'll be miserable in heaven. At least by then we will be free from the hatred and bigotry your posts are so filled with. I love God with all my heart. If He wants me to be straight, I would have been born that way!

Rodney Lewis discussing Are Gay Acts Sin?

Have any of you ever actually met a gay person? You run around with your little Pat Robertson ideas and rant and rave about how supposedly gay people have sex with five hundred partners in their life. You put initiatives on ballots in states limiting my rights and making second class citizens of people you've never even met.

I am gay. I don't consider myself a pervert. I don't have sex with children, and I don't do half the "acts" that Christians love talking about more than us, as gays. I've just spent three years unlearning to hate myself for what I am. I was so ashamed because I grew up in a society where it was taught that gays are just evil sick twisted child molesters.

I did not ask for this. And if two years ago you offered to take this away from me so I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore, I would've so quickly accepted. I hated what I was so much, and I thought a about killing myself so may times. But now, this is who I am. My sexuality is something that helps to define who I am, and it a valid facet of my life, as your sexuality is of yours. You people have husbands and wives, and that is a part of who you are.

I believe in God, but not in your god. I believe in a god, or at least some existence other than this three dimensional one. I do not believe in your god. My God is love. I don't even knowing exactly what love is, so I don't even know my own God. Your god is built on hatred and fear. Your warped ideas about God have you believing in him only because you fear a place called hell. Is there any sincerity in your "love" for him, when this love is acquired through fear? I don't think so. I don't dislike any of you, I just wish us humans would think before we judged and decided ourselves who is bad and who is good. Peace be with you. Rodney Lewis

About Ex-Gay Groups - James Emerson on Prodigy

I spent 10 years of my life in Pentecostal churches listening to everyone tell me that it was not "me". I tried for years to change. But for all the time and effort I put into the church, I received little back. I blame this on ignorance. I still feel the same about God as I always have, but only in the past couple of years have I learned to accept myself for who I am and be comfortable with it. There is not one heterosexual who can even begin to know what I feel or what I have gone through. I have never met anyone truly, truly changed to a different sexual orientation. God loves me for who I am, and that is all I can do about it. Sure, I can abstain from any sexual contact, but does that make me any less homosexual? I find nothing wrong with loving another person, and sharing everything with them, including a sexual relationship. It took me a very long time to get to this point. After years of examining every possibility...but I am who I am..and all of you who are who you are, and we need to love each other for who we are as God made us.

About "Hate the Sin and Love the Sinner" By Gerald Daley on Prodigy

My sexuality -which was God-given- is as much a part of me as my eye color. If you hate that, then you hate me. You need to realize that, and stop deceiving yourself that gay people will buy into the silly distinction that so-called good Christians like to make in order to appease their own consciences.

As long as simply being gay is considered a sin, then we are bashed. Why do you group my sexual orientation along with adultery? I have been in a monogamous, loving relationship with my partner for then years. No, we cannot have children, but neither cam most couples past a certain age, or marriages in which one partner is infertile.

Some of the most loving parents I know happen to be gay couples who have gone to extraordinary lengths to adopt children. "Good Christians" have thrown every conceivable (pun intended) roadblock in their path in order to do so, but they persevered and they are incredible parents.

About working in a Homosexual Recovery Program by Steven McCauley on Prodigy

I used to work with the homosexuals in my church through a recovery program. Of course, I was not alone, but no matter who presided over this ministry, the results were the same: 0% success. Our sister church had the same results. We were in contact with numerous other churches, all with a 0% rate of success.

Having said that, I must admit that we had partial victories...One of our most promising individuals went for nearly 7 months without a "temptation". And we do have several individuals who have agreed to remain celibate and not act our their feelings. But we do not consider these true conversions (only guilt ridden), for they are still attracted to their own sex.

And unfortunately, there are those who cannot handle their extreme guilt and take their own lives. This is why I left that particular ministry, for I did not want to be responsible for the immense guilt that is laid upon these poor people by the Church.

I have learned that the well-adjusted and more or less "happy" gay individual is one who breaks off from mainline Christian churches and frees himself of the constant guilt trips. The miserable ones are the ones who remain under the constant condemnation of the Church.

Comments From A Very Sincere Christian Gay

I am a single, 43 year-old, committed Christian, and work full time for a Christian institution of mercy. And I am gay. I have no "gay agenda" except what the desires of my heart have always been: to find God's will for my life, to make sure I'm in the dead center of it, and to follow Jesus, no matter what. There are needs and desires I have. I have prayed, fasted, take frequent communion and confession but I still have the desire to be loved by another man.

Whether homosexuality is a genetic determination I don't know. But I can assure you it is not a choice. Who would choose this and bear the scorn and hatred of the rest of the world? Just consider the mathematical impracticality of homosexuality being a choice. Taking the Kinsey statistic of 10% homosexuality in the population, this means that if you're straight, you have a 45% of the population available to choose a mate from. If you're gay, only 5% is available. Who wants odds like that?

One day in Church the preacher began gay-bashing. "And these homosexuals coming out of the closet - that's not right." I whispered to my neighbor, "You mean that living in shame and fear and misery and secrecy and self-hatred is better, instead of bringing these issues out into the light where they can be honestly discussed?"

A couple of months ago a lady came to where I work and talked about gays having to give up their lifestyle. I thought, "Let me tell you about my gay lifestyle. I get up in the morning, I say my prayers, I eat breakfast. I lead a prayer service for the residents. I work on typesetting Christian materials. I preach, speak at retreats, and act as singer for special services at different churches. And I'm celibate. And sometimes 3:00 AM finds me awake and weeping from loneliness. What part of my gay lifestyle do you want me to give up?

Being gay does not have that much to do with sex. It has to do not with just who turns your head, but who turns your heart. You can stimulate yourself sexually, but there is no way to stimulate a hug.

I often go into the gay bars to let my gay brothers know that Jesus loves them too. So many gays have been driven out of their churches. One such man is now bitter against God and the Church. He use to be a Pentecostal preacher before his secret came out.

A Tragic Result Of Condemnation

Mary Griffith believed that if her teen son Bobby prayed hard enough he would become a heterosexual. Bobby prayed for years, fearing he would be punished by God for his homosexuality. He wrote in his diary: "Why did you do this to me God - am I going to hell?" At the age of 20 Bobby jumped off a highway overpass and into the path of a 18 wheeler.

In a letter to other gay people in the San Francisco Examiner, Mary Griffith wrote "I firmly believe that Bobby's suicide is the end result of homophobia and ignorance within most Protestant and Catholic churches and consequently within society, our public schools and our own family. Bobby was not drunk nor did he use drugs. Its just that we could never accept him for who he was - a gay person. We hoped God would heal him of being gay. According to God's word as we were led to understand it, Bobby had to repent or God would damn him to hell and eternal punishment. Blindly I accepted the idea that it is God's nature to torment and intimidate us. That I every accepted such depravity of God toward my son or any human being has caused me much remorse and shame. What a travesty of God's love for children to grow up believing themselves to be evil, with only a slight inclination toward goodness and that they will remain undeserving of God's love from birth to death. Looking back I realize how depraved it was to instill false guilt in an innocent child's conscience, causing a distorted image of life, God and self, leaving little if any feeling of personal worth. Had I viewed my son's life with a pure heart I would have recognized him as a tender spirit of God's." The above is quoted in an excellent book "Is it Choice?" by Eric Marcus. I'd encourage anyone to read this book before pointing the finger to judge homosexual behavior.

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