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Societal Misconceptions


NAMBLA is a sick organization that most gays find as sick as straights. Gays refused to allow their participation at many Gay Pride Day festivities in 1993, including for example in Tampa, Orlando and Miami. As a Miami Gay reported, a local gay newspaper (which is struggling financially) refused a prepaid ad from NAMBLA. The Gay and Lesbian Community Center refuses to let them meet there. "NAMBLA" is a sick group and will never earn the respect of the gay community." - Dean Kennedy from Florida.

Pride Parades

Another good quote regarding the antics of some far out gays that the Christian Right are making sure everyone sees: "If you watched a video from a Christian source or just a few minutes of television coverage you see only the outlandish stuff. Visit a gay bar on a Friday night and you will see one person in drag in 100 guys in jeans and a T-shirt. For every one in leather, another 100 in jeans and polo shirts. Same with the gay pride parades. With 500,000 attending a Christian convention I could probably find...(a few with) enough make-up to scare Tami Faye Bakker on Halloween. Sure they are only a small percentage, but I bet I could make a 15 minute video totally misrepresenting the average person. I have been to a couple of parades (Gay Pride) and neither looked fractionally as weird as the coverage on the 700 Club News with Pat Robertson. He covered the New York parade and I saw his shameful editing skills. He sure misses thousands from P-FLAG or Gay Christians, but never misses the handful of Dykes on Bikes or The Leather Guys. His editing looks like 90% are dressed that way instead of 9%." - Dean Kennedy

The Child Abuse Poppycock

The idea of trying to blame homosexuals for any child abuse is shear poppycock! As 7/12/94 article in USA Today "Child Molesters Rarely Homosexual" points out a child is 100 times as likely to be sexually abused by a heterosexual than a gay adult. It's unfair to connect pedophile with gay or lesbians.

The view that homosexuals are likely child molesters often underlies custody challenges filed against gay parents and the dismissal of gay Boy Scout and youth group leaders.

Dr. Carole Jenny of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, studied 269 sexual abused children examined during one year at Denver Children's Hospital. Investigation shows:

80% of girls were molested by a man who was or had been in a heterosexual relationship with the child's mother or another relative. 75% of boys were abused by males in heterosexual relationships with female relatives.

Only 1 of 219 girls was molested by a lesbian; 1 out of 50 boys by a gay male. This is a much lower percentage than the likely 6-10% of the population that is homosexual, therefore the incidence of gays molesting is much lower than the rate for heterosexuals.

Children Raised in Homosexual Homes

Heterosexual children raised by homosexuals could no more "become" homosexual than a brown-eyed child raised with blue-eyed parents would eventually become blue-eyed. As reported in USA Today 8/16/94 "Gay men likely to raise heterosexual sons". Why is it that nearly every homosexual child was raised in heterosexual homes where heterosexuality was not only the norm but expected and encouraged? Regardless of the home environment, people are the sexual orientation they are and home influences will not and cannot change that anymore than it could cause one to change eye color.

Remember, in talking about homosexuals, we're not talking about a group of immoral, twisted, perverted people who woke up one morning and said "I'm going to choose to become homosexual." Their orientation was not a matter of choice and is a permanent part of their being, hence it is immoral for any family or church to pressure such people to even try to change.

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