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Why are homosexuals often in great pain?

Who is responsible for many gays being frustrated, angry, alienated and depressed by their situation? Gays would have no problem living their lives in peace and prosperity (they often have highest average income levels), if the majority who are straight would recognize the legitimacy of the sexual orientation most were born with. But straights and the Church especially based on lies and false biblical teachings, discriminate, demean and persecute them - not to mention the extra burden of feelings of guilt, inferiority and despair the church hangs around their necks until they choke and collapse under the load.

Lets but responsibility where it belongs for the pain of gays and lesbians - at the door of the homophobic church and society. Homosexuals are six times more likely to commit suicide than heterosexuals and more are alcoholics. These facts say as much about the heterosexual as they do the homosexuals. Sick people in the "straight" community have long been bent on guaranteeing that the life for homosexuals is a living hell. The real tragedy is so many sincere Christians don't even know the lies they have been taught regarding the difference between the homosexuality that was condemned in the Bible vs the homosexuality of today. They Bible says absolute nothing that would not embrace and support with love today's loving homosexual couples.

School Is Like a Lion's Den For Gay Youths Due To The Christian Lie

One of the best examples of the result of the Christian lie was a story in Phoenix paper about the abuse gay teens face in school. About 28% drop out of High School. Support groups for gay students are almost nonexistent in Arizona. Patrick, a 17 year old has tried to form a group. His fliers were torn down, and the group's answering machine records 10-12 hate calls a day.

For gay students, accepting their natural sexuality means becoming vulnerable to the emotional bombardment that comes with it: anger, fear, isolation, suicidal thoughts and wondering whether those closest to you will still love you. In a heterosexual environment listening to others talk about their girlfriends, watching them touch and share openly is really hard for gays since they know their relationships have to be in secret, or they have to pretend to be something they are not. Some gays who are "out" have found ways to disarm their attackers. Mike had taken to labeling himself "queer" and "faggot", words that use to make him cringe. "I asked myself, 'Why does this word have to hurt so much? Why does it have to be a negative?' So I took its power away," Mike said.

Nathan 17, disarmed his attackers through his clothes. He would wear Gay Pride T Shirt, short shorts and even fishnet stockings. "When I made the statement 'I'm gay and you can't do anything about it,' nobody confronted me. When I dressed normal, I was called a 'fag' 50 times a day."

Mike thinks groups could work well for those that are out but could be dangerous for those still in the closet. One sophomore who is desperately "trying to keep my cover" said there's no way he'd attend a support group. Every day is "like being in jail with yourself", he says of having to watch his every word and action.

Mel White Comes Out Of the Secret Closet

Mel White, the ghost writer behind many of the most conservative Christian books of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and others, announced he is done trying to beg God to change him and lead a life that is a lie, denying the homosexuality God gave him. For decades, Mel prayed for deliverance had a very happy wife and family, taught at Seminaries around the U.S. and wrote for the leading Christian ministries. After decades of prayer and biblical research he now declares "I am a Christian homosexual, God made me that way and I am proud to be a gay man."

His wife of many years gave him a gift of divorce, not in anger but support so Mel is free to live with his gay partner. Mel, his wife and family, continue a wonderful caring loving relationships, and his wife fully supports his honesty, integrity and the sexual orientation he was born with. Mel says, in High School he could never understand all the guy talk about dating etc. He said, he would much rather hold hands of the football team, instead of the cheerleaders.

James Kennedy on 60 minutes show is shown preaching how AIDS is the curse of God against homosexuals. Is he that ignorant or just intentionally preaching lies to promote his hate campaign against gays? Jerry Falwell talks on his radio show about sending people incognito to the Gay Rights Parade that was in Washington, D.C. He bragged about all the video taken and if you would only send $40 you too could see what the gays were up to. As one prodigy write said "I felt embarrassed for Christianity. Don't these Christian preachers know the message of Jesus? Or, do they just not care."

Another prodigy writer: "I say a minister named James Kennedy on TV who was offering a book that I thought I would like to read. I sent him the money. I received a book and next thing I know I'm getting all this junk mail, telling me what a good friend I am to the ministry and how he wanted me to help him with the war on gays that he is undertaking. It took for letters to get them to take me off their mailing list. I Don't ever want to lose my Christian faith, but it sure is discouraging when there is so much Christianity that just seems so hateful and so phoney. I can imagine that people look at ministers like Robertson & Falwell and think if this is how God changes people, then I think I'll stay a non-Christian.

Mel White said he would much rather be the loving gay and stand before God in judgement that ministers like Falwell, Robertson, or Kennedy that do so much harm to so many of Gods children.

Christian Groups Press Gay People To Take Heterosexual Path - Highlights of Wall Street Journal Article 4/21/93

At a Pentecostal church near San Francisco a gay man is agonizing over his inability to overcome his so called "homosexual sin". He cries saying he has begged God to free him by surrounding himself with Christians and spending a month in a inpatient treatments program but nothing has worked. He says "I'm having sex, I'm having fun, and I don't feel bad about it." The Christians suggest its a matter of choice and controlling the flesh, or maybe he is demonic possession. "I just want God to accept me," he finally says. The Christians in the movement to cure homosexuals thinks anyone can change "if they just relax and let God do what He wants."

Many mental-health professionals and former members of "change" groups warn that almost nobody's sexual orientation truly changes and that the road from homosexuality to attempted heterosexuality is littered with failure and suffering. Instead of God's love they find self-hate, failed attempted "normal" marriages, and suicide after they become so distraught over not being able to "cure" themselves. The change movement is destroying peoples lives. Exodus International is the umbrella organization that has 65 ministries trying to make homosexuals become something they aren't.

The articles tells of many who have tried to live a lie as to their true sexual orientation and failed. "I think it's the greatest abuse of psychiatry in America today," says Dr. Isay, who is a Cornell Medical College professor and chairman of the American Psychiatric Association's gay, lesbian and bisexual issues committee. "The attempt to change is extremely harmful." he says.

Gays Recovering from Trying to Change - Oprah Winfrey show

Joel Payne praised Oprah and her staff for their acceptance when he appeared as a guest. For five years he was part of an "ex-gay" Christian ministry and found it was not valid for himself to change his natural gayness.

The show is about people who thank God for being gay, vs those who think they have to change into something they are not. Joel, is very happy he survived the ex-gay ministry and has come out as a loving, sensitive, caring, real, gay man.

He is now is at peace and rejoices in the fact that God loves him just how God created him gay! Even though he now is HIV+ he is better off than when he was trying to please Christians with their false teachings.

It was great to see so many homosexual Christians celebrating their sexual orientation as well as their love for Christ.

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