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"For freedom Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a religious yoke of slavery."
Galatians 5:1

Sexual orientation is a given.  The Bible never deals with sexual orientation.  The concept of sexual orientation is a recent development.  Nothing in the life and teachings of Jesus deals with sexual orientation.  Jesus taught acceptance of ourselves and of others as having equal value to God.  If Jesus is the guide to all Bible study for Christians, no basis exists in the life and teachings of Jesus to use the Bible as a weapon to attack and oppress homosexuals or anybody else!

See Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) .
for the oldest and most effective support ministry for Lesbians and Gays and their families and friends.  The PFLAG web site is filled with resources that are factual and helpful.  It provides a much needed response to the anti-gay religious fundamentalists who betray their claims to represent Christ by their open homophobia, and their misrepresentation of the Bible and rejection of scientific facts.


I don't think that some people who are committed to the ex-gay fraud realize how evil some dimensions of the whole movement against homosexuals really are. Dr. C. Everett Koop, MD, Surgeon General of the United States, was a strong advocate for AIDS education and effective treatment until his retirement.  After he retired, Dr. Koop visited many churches and church conferences to appeal for understanding and help towards gay and lesbian people.  After months of this experience, Dr. Koop was interviewed in "Christianity Today" and said that he did not go to church much any more.  He said that we need a stronger word than "homophobia" to speak of the hate towards homosexuals that he had found in the churches.  He concluded that he knew many preachers and church leaders who hated homosexuals so much that if they had a button that would kill all homosexuals, they would push the button.

The attitudes that appalled Dr. Koop have been intensified in recent months.  Dr. Koop's thoughts on this issue are included in the documentary "One Nation Under God", which you can find at Tower Video and in which I appear along with Michael Bussee and Gary Cooper (co-founders of EXODUS who woke up and rejected the Ex-Gay Fraud), John Evans (who helped to begin the first ex-gay ministry in Marin County, CA, is a close friend of mine, and woke up to the damage being done by the Ex-Gay distortions of truth and turned against the whole movement when he saw his best friend commit suicide because he tried to change from gay to straight and failed), and many others who tell their stories of damage done to them by the Ex-Gay disaster.

The recent ads promoting the Ex-Gay industry and religious groups that support it are telling only one side of the true story.  Michael Bussee told me that after he and his partner Gary spent 5 years in counseling for EXODUS, they knew of nobody who had really changed from homosexual to heterosexual but that he did know of great emotional damage, self mutilations, suicides, and attempts that resulted for the EXODUS ministries.

In any war, truth is one of the first casualties.  This is war.  Some feel that it is a "holy war" and will do anything to impose their false messages of hope and successful sexual orientation change therapy on the public.  We cannot afford to stand by and not resist the evil that is being launched against us in an ever increasing bombardment. 

For my own suggestions about how we as gay and lesbian, bisexual and transgender people can defend ourselves, see my material on "WAR DECLARED"

The following update was added January 5, 1999.


Recently, I have searched the Internet for the homophobic literature and web sites that seem to have the most influence on the "Ex-Gay" movement and other religious/political attacks upon the integrity of GLBT (gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender)people.  One anti-gay publisher, "Regeneration Books," calls its product "the best Christian books dealing with the healing of the homosexual."  Their financial profits go to support "Regeneration" and "Exodus International."  Their web site describes and reviews 98 books and videos along with lists of articles and papers by counselors and therapists.

The use of biased and unsubstantiated statistics is characteristic of every one of these materials aimed at discrediting, abusing, and destroying GLBT people.  One of the most recent books (1996) to gather up the traditional lies and distortions of psychology and religion is Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth, by Jeffrey Satinover, M.D. 

The cover of this books declares that this is "the best book on homosexuality written in our lifetime…" ---Congressional Record, May 1996.  My immediate reaction to this strange way of recommending the book was to remember that every possible argument in support of the K.K.K., slavery, segregation, child labor, genocide of Native Americans, the denial of the vote to women, and hundreds of other similar causes can be found in the Congressional Record!

One of the most blatantly false claims of the book is that aside from men with HIV and AIDS, the average life expectancy of gay men is 42.  There is no scientific basis whatsoever for this statistic!  See my material on "Statistics" and "Married With Children" in my recent updates, listed by title and date in Resources and References

Paul Cameron was one of the earliest psychologists to create medical and psychological evidence against gays.  His attacks on gays have been refuted by other psychologists and his "research" has been thoroughly discredited by his professional colleagues.  See the web site about Paul Cameron.

Satinover's book includes detailed mixing of religious beliefs and psychology in setting forth a persistent argument in favor of the abusive therapies of the "ex-gay" movement, which The American Psychiatric Association in their national meeting in December, 1998, declared to be dangerous and destructive.  The APA also concluded that "there is no evidence that sexual orientation can change."  See my material on this and my reviews of books by John Paulk and Joe Dallas in Psychiatry and Medicine  See web sites for HEALING CIRCLE containing many helpful links at and American Psychiatric Association December, 1998, stand on reparative therapy of homosexuals.

Many otherwise objective and reasonable Americans have been seduced into accepting the "believable lie" that homosexuals are sick and can be cured by a growing army of self serving therapists and religious promoters.

You don't have to be a medical expert to see the lies and distortions of reality in this rapidly expanding mountain of printed garbage being thrown at us.  Remember one basic fact: NOBODY knows who is gay and who is not.  No reliable statistics exist about anything related to homosexuals.  Homophobic preachers like Rev. Dr. D. James Kennedy have used their rich churches and lucrative television ministries to produce anti-gay videos and to contribute to the "ex-gay" industry in their publications and in the "ex-gay" ads in the media last year.

We face a formidable, growing, well-financed, and sustained attack that has an incredible level of public support that is unaware of the truth.

My survey of this incredible flood of distorted science, religious lies, and self serving propaganda by the enemies of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender people has been very disturbing.  It has been a loud wake up call to the very real danger that we face.

This blending of religious speculation and prejudice with medicine and psychology has created for GLBT people a deadly brew of lies and false hope.

One basic offer of Christianity has always been the forgiveness of sin.  Yet there is no tangible evidence that anybody has ever received forgiveness from sins.  Forgiveness is something that we accept and believe by faith with no proof whatever that it has happened.

Over many centuries, the churches have created countless strategies and formulas to make forgiveness seem to be tangible, from the confessional booth, penance, and absolution, to the sale of indulgences, to the violently emotional evangelism and the judgmental legalism and extreme scare tactics of modern apocalyptic prophets.

Mixing this religious concoction with bad science and discredited psychology in the carefully prepared and packaged medicine of homophobic advocates, therapists, and writers has unleashed on our people a plague of self-depreciation, self-doubt, and self-destruction that rivals any genocide of the past!  

The Internet has made these lies and distortions by homophobic writers, and webmasters easily available to vulnerable young gays, lesbians, and bisexuals in their search for information and encouragement.  We have to do more.  The truth that is contained in my "Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse" and in the sites by PFLAG, UFMCC, Interfaith Working Group (IWG), and many others is our best weapon.  Be sure to check out the great IWG "Links", which include my web site and many others with very important and necessary up-to-date information.

Do whatever you can to let our people know that these sites are available.

Fight back with the truth.  The truth is out there!  The truth is within you.  Tell your story.  Find others who face the same pressures and misunderstandings that you face, and reach out with the truth and with the compassion in your heart so that you can be part of healing the real disease: homophobia.

It takes time to learn new and better ways of seeing yourself, your truth, your world, and the other people around you.  I have always felt that the best way for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender people to move from fear into hope and from self-rejection into self-acceptance is by taking time to learn new information, to study and think, and to share in dialogue with others who are working through the same issues.

This process obviously takes a lot of time.  It also requires a setting for dialogue that most of us cannot find.  Technology through the Internet has begun to meet these needs in an explosion of new connections between millions of people who never even knew of each other's existence a few months, weeks, or days ago!  Where do we go from here?  Both ignorance and truth are packaged and sold on the Internet in ever increasing waves.  What have you found that is truly informative and helpful to you?  Have you made any progress in starting a spiritual recovery group for yourself? 

I saw the bumper sicker today: "It's a shame that ignorance isn't painful."  Actually, it is.  Ignorance is not bliss.  Ignorance is a deadly plague that is killing our people.

Rembert Truluck
Jesus asked the judgmental legalists,
"Why don't you understand what I am saying?
It is because you are not listening to me.
You are just like your real father, the devil,
and you desire to do what your father wants.
He was a murderer from the beginning and
does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him.  Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature,
for he is a liar and the father of lies.
But when I speak the truth, you do not believe me."
(John 8:43-45)

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