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Välkomna till den kristna HBT-portalen ”Fem brödstycken”!
Bonvenon al la kristana-samseksama portalo “Kvin Panoj”!
Bienvenu sur le portail chrétien LGBT « Cinq Pains » !
Welkom op het LGBT christelijke portaal „Vijf Broden”!
¡Bienvenido al portal cristiano LGBT «Cinco Panes»!
Benvenuto al portale cristiano LGBT «Cinque Pani»!
Bem-vindo ao portal cristão LGBT “Cinco Pães”!

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Welcome to the Five Loaves LGBT Christian portal!

You are at a Hungarian website, on the Five Loaves LGBT Christian portal. In Hungary (a small country in the eastern parts of Central Europe, where the Iron Curtain once was), the Five Loaves LGBT Christian portal is the only website in this field, which was launched in September 2000. As far as its content is concerned, some of the texts you can read here are expressly related to Hungary, and some of them are of general interest: articles and studies both on gay-lesbian literature and Christian theology. You can also find information about the past Five Loaves Community (1996–2006).

A few materials have been translated into English (just for you smiley – see the links below). If you have a little time and feel like it, have a look around here. We are hoping for your comments and contributions with thanks by email.


Five Loaves LGBT Christian portal

Translated LGBT Christian texts:

  • If you have only 5 minutes for us – “HOMOSEXUALITY – Questions and Answers From a Christian Perspective” (the text of our handout issued on 1st October 2001, in Hungarian)
  • Other Sites – an arranged collection of links in Christian and gay topic
  • Hungary – summary by GLBTQ.com
  • Analyses of the biblical passages applied to homosexuality, on the Internet
  • Speech inaugurating a new tombstone for Károly Kertbeny (29th June 2002)
  • Contents and the main thesis of Balázs Birtalan’s book: Shall They Be Put to Death? (The Homosexual Person and Christianity)
  • On The Fact I Am to Die – Balázs Birtalan’s farewell post in his blog
  • That’s the threshold, cross it! – interview in Hungarian gay monthly Mások (1999/1, pp. 16–19)
  • The Lord’s Fiddle – by Ádám Nádasdy

    About the past Five Loaves Community:

  • About Ourselves – almost everything you’d like to know about it…
  • Mosaic – its inner and outer activity
  • Gallery – selected pictures from its life and activity
  • “…they shall be put to death…” (a request for those against us)

    Willkommen auf dem LGBT christlichen Portal Fünf Brote!

    Du bist auf einer ungarischen Website gelandet, auf dem LGBT christlichen Portal Fünf Brote. Wir redigieren in Ungarn, in diesem kleinen Land in Ostmitteleuropa, die einzige LGBT christliche Website, die im September 2000 gestartet wurde. Was den Inhalt betrifft, so behandelt ein Teil der Texte ausdrücklich ungarische Themen, während andere von allgemeinem Interesse sind: Publikationen zum Thema schwul-lesbische Literatur und christliche Theologie. Du kannst auch über die frühere Gemeinde Fünf Brote lesen (1996–2006).

    Einiges haben wir extra für Dich smiley ins Deutsche übersetzt (s. Links unten). Hast Du Zeit und Lust, so schau Dich bei uns um. Wir warten auf Deine Anmerkungen und Eintragungen per E-Mail.

    Liebe Grüße,

    Dein LGBT christliches Portal Fünf Brote

    Über die frühere Gemeinde Fünf Brote:

  • Über uns – Fast alles, was Du über uns wissen willst…
  • Galerie – Bilder aus unserem Gemeindeleben
  • Tableau – Über das gemeindeinterne Leben und die äußeren Aktivitäten unserer Gemeinschaft
  • „…sie sollen des Todes sterben…“ (eine Bitte an die, die gegen uns sind)

    (If you speak English, you can find more texts at the English section of this page, among them, the Other Sites.)