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    Dominican Father John J. Markey’s mail to the community

    John J. Markey, O.P. is mentioned at our website in connection with his article in the October 1994 issue of the New Blackfriars, which is referred to in the no. 3, 1995 issue of Hungarian quarterly Mérleg ["Scales"], a Christian theological periodical, under the heading "Catholic opinions on homosexuality".

    This mail arrived on 13th April 2003.

    I randomly came across your webpage looking for another reference, but am happy to see my name listed on such a positive and exciting website.  I presume (since I can't read Hungarian) that you are referring to my article in New Blackfriars on homosexuality some years ago - Cardinal Hume himself wrote me to thank me for the article and actually said that it helped to change his opionion to some extent on the rights of gays and lesbians in the church and society.  I have written a few more articles since then, but mainly have been delivering talks and lectures to gay audiences and their families as well as to the broader congregations that I minister to about the value and the gifts that gays bring to the church and the special role we have to play in the body of Christ.  This message has been surprisingly well received by most audiences.  I greatly applaud your work and will pray for its success.  Please continue to be tireless in your devotion to justice and to the belief that to be gay is a gift from God and that it is not just a gift to the individual, but it is a gift that must be shared with the wider community of faith if we are ever truly going to see the coming of the Reign of God.  Many blessings on all of you.

    John J. Markey, O.P.

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